The X Factor’s black stretch limousines

The X Factor auditions are currently taking place up and down the country; having been in London they reached Manchester this month. During the auditions and the live shows, X Factor is a television programme that does much to promote limo-hire.

The X Factor is one of the most popular TV shows in both the UK and the USA and the public and media following is absolutely huge.

During each of the audition shows we see the likes of Simon Cowell, Danni Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh arrive in black stretch limousines at the beginning of the programme.

This year, The X Factor has seen some major changes in the programme format and it is now a requirement for each audition to take place in front of a live studio audience rather than in a separate room alone with the judges. Simon Cowell decided to change the format of the audition procedure following the success of this format in Britain’s Got Talent.

The Britain’s Got Talent tour is appearing across the UK in such places as Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Birmingham amongst many other nearly-sold-out venues across the UK.

If you are planning to visit the Britain’s Got Talent Live tour in style then make sure you book limo-hire in time to avoid disappointment.

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