A short limousine history

Since the early 1700s, limo-hire has been offered as a stylish and luxurious mode of transport for the rich and famous.

The word limousine is set to have originated from French region of Limousine where shepherds were said to have worn over-sized, garments to as protection against the weather elements.

The stretch limousine was first created in Arkansas in the USA in 1928 by Armbruster, a US coach company. The stretch limousines were primarily used as limo-hire for transporting big band”leaders, such as Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller along with their musical instruments. As a result of this the earlier stretch limousines were known as the big band buses.

In the 1960s and 70s limo-hire was becoming increasingly popular for general use by movie starts, prime ministers and US presidents and because of their increased popularity there were many more limousine manufacturers who began trading. In the late 1980s Federal Coach bought Armbruster-Stageway and they are one of the largest limousine manufacturers in the world after eighty years in business.

The Stretch Limousines of today are now used for limo-hire on any occasion or any purpose with members of the general public who want to celebrate a day to remember forever. The luxury accessories that are available in a limousine these days are incredible.

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