An overview of Dudley

Finishing Touch Cars provide limo hire to a wide range of locations in the midlands and as a result we take a keen interest in the areas which we cover.

One of these is the areas is the quaint medieval town of Dudley. The historic town is home to Dudley Castle which is thought to have dated back to the 13th century and still remains a popular tourist attraction today.

Yet, the town’s development did not really take off until the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century, and as a result of the industries which it embodied, quickly became known as a pivotal area of the Black Country. Although much of the industrial clout the area commanded has diminished over recent years, Dudley became famous for both coal and limestone mining.

In the wake of the Second World War, much effort was made to house the people of Dudley and as a result many of the council developments which are still a vibrant feature today, were born. The first of these was the Priory Estate which is located right on the border of Sedgley – over two thousand homes were built in this area during the 1930s. This was quickly followed by the Wrens Nest Estate which can boast a unique location, in that it resides below Wrens Nest Hill where numerous dinosaur fossils are located.

Interestingly, Dudley made the news in 2002 when it was the unfortunate epicentre of the largest earthquake which had hit Britain for over ten years.

In terms of attractions, the town is home to the Black Country Living Museum as well as the spectacular Dudley Zoo which also contains the town’s castle within it’s grounds.

It is also a well known fact that Dudley is a great place to visit for specialist shops – the most unusual of which is Ferret World which is devoted to, yes you have guessed it, ferrets!

Dudley is also a great place to go and let your hair down with a wealth of pubs, clubs and bars. One of the most popular night spots is the Waterfront, and on most Saturday evenings you will find our Hummer limousine chauffeuring people here for parties, hen nights and general nights out.

The town is certainly well worth a visit and as the number one supplier of limos to the area, we can whole heartedly say that you will not be disappointed.

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