Consider some important factors before hiring a limo

Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, corporate event or birthday, a limo is perfect for any occasion because it is considered as a symbol of style and elegance. Limos add a unique charm to any celebration but it can be tricky to choose a limo, as there are many limos available.

When you are planning to choose a limo you need to consider some factors like:

• The number of guests who will be with you in the car.
• The ambience of the car. For instance, if you are having a party, you may need a disco-like ambience in the limo but this is not in the case when you hire a limo for a business meeting.
• It is important to plan a budget in advance, so it becomes much easier for you to decide which limo you want.

There are a number of different limos available and the most popular ones are the Ford Excursion stretch limo, 2006 Chrysler 300 Stretch Limo and H2 Hummer Stretch Limo.

Chrysler 300 stretch limo – The Chrysler stretch limo is an elegant limo which is known for being the height of luxury. The amenities it provides includes a mini bar and plush leather interior. Ten people can easily fit in this limo so it is perfect for parties.

H2 Hummer limo – The Hummer limo has become very popular these days because of their huge imposing size. You can easily fit 18 or more in a Hummer. The Hummer limo is a car which can be used for long trips because it is really comfortable. Some of the common amenities which you find in a Hummer are a bar, LCD TV, DVD player and surround system.

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