Don’t be weighed down with a heavy camera!

Within many of the articles already published on this site, we have encouraged you to safeguard your memories of your limo hire experience. This may mean that you write down some of your feelings in a journal or booklet to save for the future or even create a DVD of your magical event.

No matter how you mark the event, it is guaranteed to live in your memory forever and as a result, the clearer you can make these memories, the more enjoyment you will have from them in future years. Yet one question which does keep cropping up centres on people not wanting to take bulky cameras around with them on a night out. This is particularly the case if a night on the town is planned and a large camera may well get in the way somewhat.

There are essentially two solutions to this. The first one is to invest in a disposable camera which are fairly cheap to buy and often produce very good shots. The second is to make sure that your mobile is charged up and use your phone as your camera. Amazingly there are some phones on the market now which take pictures which exceed eight million megapixels!

So don’t feel that you have to carry a big camera around with you on your night out, but do make every effort to safeguard your memories for the future.

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