Dont feel guilty accepting wedding car offers!

It seems like every time we pick up the newspaper or watch the television, we are confronted  by people telling us how little money we should have and that things are going to get worse in the future.  The reality of the situation is somewhat less staggering than that portrayed in the media, however when planning large scale events like weddings, many of us are having to watch those pennies slightly more carefully than usual.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly common that family members and friends are chipping in with their offers of help to make sure that the day is as perfect as it should be and one common area where this occurs is with the wedding car.

You should not feel that offers of help are somehow taking something away from your event and embrace them if you can. There are many things to remember when you are planning your wedding and being able to delegate certain aspects to other people will not only prove to be cost effective but also will be a god send to you in terms of time management as the big day approaches.

Obviously you cannot and should not try to force people in to helping you out in this way, but if you do receive genuine offer then you certainly should not feel guilty accepting them.

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