Ex Beatles star John Lennon’s limousine fails to sell

The custom made limousine that once belonged to John Lennon which has a sports engine and a built in old style record player failed to sell in auction recently, those people who are considering limo-hire may be interested to hear.

As well as failing to sell the limousine, John Lennon’s beloved piano where he sat and wrote many of his songs, has also failed to reach its reserve price during a recent auction in London.

The auction was held at Hard Rock Cafe during late June this year and saw John Lennon’s Mercedes Benz, 1970 Pullman 600 car reach £190,000 but it still fell short of its reserve price which was £200K.

The Steinway piano, which sat in Lennon’s New York home, fetched £750,000 but was £250,000 short of the £1m expected.

Since 1975, the limousine that belonged to Lennon was purchased and used by Mary Wilson of The Supremes.

The limo has a luscious black velvet interior and Lennon owned the car for 3 years before he moved to the US with Yoko Ono and he sold it to ex-Beatle and band member George Harrison.

Mary Wilson bought the limousine from George Harrison in 1975 before it was sold on to an unnamed owner in a state of disrepair. The vehicle had £200K spent on it to restore the vehicle back to its former glory during 1989.

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