Give your workmate the perfect send off!

If you consider how much time you spend at work, then you will quickly realise that it takes up a huge percentage of our lives. Many people would say that it takes up too much time, but other than win the Euro millions lottery, which isn’t really going to happen, it is a fact which we must accept.

As a result, it is incredibly common that some of our closest friends turn out to be those people who we work with. Much of the time, staff groupings organise nights out and trips away from the workplace in order to get to know their colleagues on a more social level.

Yet, at some stage, many people decide to move on and take on other roles within different companies. Although many people do stay in touch after this has occurred, others gradually slip away – although this trend has been greatly reduced by the development of social networking sites such as Facebook.

When one of your close workmates leaves then it is common that a leaving do is arranged and the individual is given a good send off. There can be no better way to show your collective appreciation of your former colleague then hiring them a limo to take them to the designated location on the day. This will fundamentally mark the evolution of your relationship from an employment one to a social one.

Obviously you need to consider the type of leaving do which the individual will cherish and value and the limo is no exception. The eclectic range of machines on offer will provide you with ample choice to make the correct decision and prove to your valued colleague that you still want them to be a part of your lives.

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