It is cold out there people!

There is nothing like seeing your hometown team win and this is especially the case if you have followed them throughout the season. Within the West Midlands, we are blessed with numerous top quality football teams all of which offer much to their local communities.

Yet whether you support Kidderminster Harriers in the Blue Square Premier or Wolverhampton Wanderers at the summit of the Championship – all football fans can have one thing in common at the moment and that its that it isn’t half cold out there!

Sometimes I think that all seater stadiums can worse in winter than old fashioned terraces as at least on the terraces you can move about and try to keep yourself warm that way.

Limo hire can help dilute the effects of the cold for you and the people who you go to the match with. Instead of walking back to the car or back home after the game, we can transport you home in style and most importantly warmth!

We can be on hand straight after the game at a designated spot and therefore this will also dilute the amount of time you will have to spend stuck in traffic.

So why not make a trip to see your team a memorable one whether they win lose or draw.

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