Jodie Marsh enjoys chauffeur driven limo hire in West Midlands

In recent weeks there have been a number of celebrities who have been spotted on big clubbing nights out in the West Midlands. One such celebrity is the model Jodie Marsh who was recently spotted riding around in a limousine after her and her friends had arranged special limo-hire for their big nightclub celebration.

One of the UK’s better known glamour models, Jodie Marsh decided to ride in a pink Hummer for the evening – less than a month ago – when she was spotted with pals firstly visiting a McDonalds in Birmingham before they danced the night away at several nightclubs in central Birmingham.

The paparazzi spotted Ms Marsh wearing a pinstripe corset and hanging from the window of the pink Hummer as both herself and her party troupe were whisked around Birmingham.

Jodie was also seen with her girlfriend Nina who is a well known dance DJ in the country’s capital city of London. Jodie’s recent haircut has made her particularly easy to spot in a crowd as she has recently shaved her head at the sides revealing a trendy Mohican with the letter ‘N’ shaved into one side of her head. Nina and Jodie are said to have been friends for over ten years.

Every club that the pink Hummer carrying Jodie Marsh and her party pals pulled up at was full of awaiting paparazzi who photographed the celebrity party as they stepped from their limousine.

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