Limousine – A rich and exclusive asset

The word limousine comes from a region in France named Limousin. The cloak hood that the shepherd’s wore in this region resembled the covered compartment of the first limousine made in 1902. A limousine (or limo) is a luxury sedan or saloon car. It is specially lengthened at the wheelbase. Such a rich status vehicle is often driven by a chauffeur.

Referred to as “stretch” limousines, these are traditionally black or white in colour. The first stretched limos made in 1928 were used as transport vehicles for big bands to transport the members and their equipments. Limousines are also used for special occasions such as sight-seeing tours, weddings and parties.

While some limousines are owned by individuals, many are used by governments and used for transporting senior politicians. Many large companies, too, may have limousines to transport executives; broadcasters have limos to transport guests. Operated as livery vehicles, these stretched vehicles provide upmarket competition to taxicabs.

Most manufacturers of stretch limousines are located in the United States and Europe and cater mainly to limo hire companies. In addition to luxuries, a limo can have security features such as armour plating and bullet-proof glasses.

A limo hire company offers this luxurious car for special occasions like weddings, parties, etc. If you want to back in the luxury of a limo then get in touch with a limo hire company and hire a limo now!

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