Snow joke for many!

It will not have escaped your attention that it is pretty cold outside and with tempertaures to remain below zero for come time to come, we are not out of the woods just yet. Many areas of the country have expreienced heavy snow falls which may be great news for the children who do not have to go to school, but for the adults it can pose one or two problems.

Snow in excessive measures can prove to be very disruptive in terms of travel arrangements, sporting events and special occasions. Many roads throughout the country are closed and there is widespread disruption within the train network.

The magic of snow is lost somewhat when you grow up and it starts to affect your life in a negative way. Yet the greatest priority for everyone is to stay safe and to not travel unless they really have to do so. If this means cancelling some of your plans then so be it. To dilute the disappointment somewhat, why don’t you invest in limo hire for the rearranged date – we can cater for any type of event, large or small and give everyone a memorable event which will never be forgotten.

In the meantime, try and enjoy the snow, but please do stay safe!

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