Try hiring a hummer limo for her hen night

It is usually the job of the Chief Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour to organise the bride-to-be’s Hen Night. There will probably be other friends to help out, possibly including the bridesmaids.

Hen nights traditionally include a stripper, cocktails, fancy dress and lots of dancing – but there can be more too! You could all go out for dinner beforehand, or have an outing during the day to get everyone warmed up to the idea.

If you are going from place to place in the evening, you are sure to need some mode of transport, and the public bus is generally ill-advised on a hen night!

How about kicking off the party one of the amazing hummer limos that is on offer? There’s a bright pink one, with pink and purple wavy design inside and a neon lit minibar, perfect for a girls’ night out or a hen party.

You and a select group can have some champagne in the car on the way there, and enjoy a little bit of celebrity before you really get down to partying! Alternatively, you could arrange the hummer to pick you up and drop you home from a bar so that you can all continue the party back at the house (where secrets are often easier to keep!).

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