Varieties of vehicles available for limo hire

When it comes to limo-hire Hummer limousines can often be found in both black and white colours and even shocking pink such as the H2 Hummer.

A Hummer limo will typically offer a room capacity for 16 passengers, whilst the H3 Hummer is able to hold up to 11 people. Hummer limos will often come with very roomy seating, CD and DVD players, interior lighting which is normally strobe and a bar and with some even a dance floor.

The Rolls Royce Phantom provides a gracious presence it presents a vast cabin area with a spacious interior which seats four passengers. The rear doors may be closed on the inside by pushing a button and the luscious wool carpets are more than an inch thick. Other features are door-mounted umbrellas, theatrical lighting and an exotic wood finish.

Lincoln millennium shape limousine – this is a popular vehicle for limo-hire and is the ‘Wave Attitude’ version (there are only a few in the country). The Attitude limousines have an absolutely stunningly luxurious interior which presents a two tone design with wave shaped seats and an amazingly waved shaped bar which is 10 feet. The vehicle is mirrored and has a fibre optic ceiling and is the perfect vehicle if you are looking for limo-hire that provides a really funky party atmosphere.

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