What’s so special about vintage cars?

Isn’t hiring a vintage car a bit like popping over to your dad’s and borrowing his old banger? Doesn’t vintage just mean old? And surely it’s better to show up somewhere in a brand new sparkling top of the range car, not some old clapped out old heap of metal and rust?

Although there is logic to these questions, they are absolutely false:

Vintage cars are traditional, elegant and treasured. All vintage cars for hire will have been properly restored and maintained, and their engines serviced and checked regularly. Broken parts will have been replaced, they are kept free from rust and damage, and will be beautifully painted and waxed for an effortlessly graceful finish.

Many people hire vintage cars for their weddings, here are some reasons why:

Different – it is a bit different to arrive in a fully working, new-looking 1930s soft top than arriving in a carriage or limo, and can give your special day a unique edge.

Traditional – weddings follow very old traditions, from asking the father for permission, to throwing confetti and having something old, new, borrowed and blue (though not necessarily all the same item!). Because of this, hiring a beautiful vintage car as your wedding car can emphasise the tradition and give the impression of a bygone era, making it seem romantic, stunning and above all, elegant.

Customisable – there are so many stunning vintage cars around, you’ll be able to find one with a shape that suits you, whether with a high roof, soft top, antenna headlamps, sweeping curves or sleek wheels. Most wedding cars have the option of a ribbon across the bonnet in a colour of your choice, so it could match the bridal gown, the colour of the flowers, or even the bow ties.

There are plenty of reasons why vintage cars are a great cars to hire, so don’t assume it just means old and rusty, because vintage hire cars are some of the most beautiful and graceful vehicles around.

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