Why would you choose limo hire or car hire?

If you are planning a wedding, graduation ceremony, business event or just a special night out, have you considered hiring a car? It’s something that will can either give you some extra glamour, class or style – depending on your choice of car – and will certainly take away some of the stress. But lots of people haven’t fully considered car hire, and thought about all the benefits it has. Here are some reasons why hiring a car for that special event can make your day that bit more unique:

Hiring a car may not be as expensive as you expect: most car hire places will do a package deal whereby you hire the car and driver for a specified number of hours, rather than for the whole day. This can save you money, and also give you that extra reassurance that everybody is clear about timings and expectations.


Hiring a limo or a hummer will certainly draw attention, and add extra sparkle. Limos usually have neon lighting, bar facilities and the seating capacities of up to 16 people! If you want to raise the bar, limo hire will certainly do it!


Alternatively, if you’d like that bit more class, you can hire a vintage car, like a 1930s soft top Beauford Tourer. These cars will also draw attention, as people will be impressed and awed by how stylish they are, especially as you pull up with a driver.

Less stress
You don’t have to worry about directions, or whether you have enough fuel; no more panicking in case you stall or take the wrong turning; you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to park, and how you’re going to get into that space. With a hired car and driver, all those worries slip away.

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