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The cost of hiring a limo for prom will depend upon several factors

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Prom Car FAQs

How much is it to hire a limo for prom?

The cost of hiring a limo for prom will depend upon several factors. The model you book will play a large role in the cost, along with when you book it. We have a variety of set priced prom car and limousine packages to also save you money. For an exact quote, give our friendly team a call to go over your requirements.

How much is it to hire a car for prom?

Like our limousines, the prom cars in our fleet are offered at different prices. Therefore, the cost you pay will depend upon the model you choose, alongside any extra requirements you may have. You can choose to have a customised quote put together, or you can select one of our fixed price package deals.

How do you go to prom?

There are lots of ways you can go to the prom. However, most teens travel in a luxury prom car. This helps to add an extra special touch to the evening, making you feel like a celebrity as you pull up outside of the venue.

How many people fit in a prom limo?

We offer a variety of prom limousines, ranging from 8-seater to 16-seater models. They are ideal for groups of friends, helping you to spread the cost between you. All of our limousines feature a spacious interior, alongside an excellent choice of entertainment.

What month is the prom?

Proms are typically held in June and July in the UK. They are held at the end of the school year, giving students the chance to celebrate and say goodbye to their peers.

What do you do on prom night?

Each prom is different as they are organised by the school. Some choose to go all out and host a prom at a five-star hotel, while others provide a more basic venue. Wherever your prom is being held, our hire service will get you there on time.
On the night, your chauffeur will arrive in your chosen prom car on time. They will give you a ring to let you know they are waiting outside. You will have an opportunity to take photos with the vehicle before you are driven to the venue.

Is there food at prom?

Food is usually provided at the prom. However, you will need to check this with your school. If food isn’t being provided, or if it is supplied later in the evening, you can choose to have refreshments added to your package. Give us a call to learn more about our refreshment service now.

What do you guys need for prom?

All that we need to get you to the prom on time, is your address and the location of the venue. You should also tell us if you have any special requirements. We will always do our best to accommodate any customer request.

What do you take to prom?

You don’t typically need to take anything to your prom. However, you may wish to take comfortable shoes, alongside refreshments. It is also important to wear a formal outfit.

Can I use my car for prom?

You can use your own car to get you to the prom. However, we only supply a chauffeur driven service using our own vehicles. It is also common to book a luxurious prom car as using your own car won’t provide the same level of excitement. With a rented prom car, you will feel like a VIP as you pull up outside of the venue. 

Where can I rent a nice car for prom?

We have a huge choice of prom rental cars available. Choose from an outstanding range of limousines and luxury hire cars. Each of our cars is fully valeted after each use. This ensures they provide a brand new look and feel.

Do you put a ribbon on the car for prom?

We can put a ribbon on the car for prom if you wish. We offer this as part of our standard hire service. Just let us know when you book that you would like decorations added and we will take care of it for you.

How do I choose what car to get for prom?

With so many great cars and limousines to choose from, it can be difficult deciding which to book. Consider how many passengers will be travelling with you, as well as your budget. You can browse our full range of prom cars to see which one best matches your preferences.

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