Prom Cars Shropshire

Prom Cars Shropshire

Our prom cars Shropshire are sure to make your prom night extra magical. Travelling in the back of one of our impressive hire cars provides an unforgettable experience. Your prom is one of the most special nights of your life, so why choose anything other than the best prom car hire?

You will find a huge number of prom cars available in our fleet. Alongside our popular prom limos, we also offer a selection of luxurious cars. Thanks to our package deals, you will also find our hire prices are some of the lowest in the county. Learn more about our prom car hire Shropshire below… 

Prom Car Hire Shropshire

Prom Cars Shropshire

Proms are a big milestone for any teen. To make your prom night extra memorable, you need the best transportation service. Our prom car hire Shropshire has a significant range of cars for you to choose from. This ensures you will find at least one model to match your budget and preferences.
Some of the cars popular with proms are the Pink Hummer and H2 Hummer limos, the Bentley Flying Spur and the Baby Bentley. Our cars are customised for our company, guaranteeing a stand-out service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our prom car hire Shropshire service.

Prom Car Hire Near Me

Hummer Limo Hire Shropshire

The landlocked county of Shropshire hosts hundreds of school proms each year. Wherever in the county you are heading to for your prom night, one of our luxury cars can help you to arrive like a celebrity.

Our impeccable service covers the West Midlands region. This ensures no matter where you are in the county, we will have a selection of prom cars you can choose from. Get in touch to learn more about our Shropshire prom cars today.



Prom Car Rentals Shropshire

Prom Car Rentals Shropshire

You can book prom car rentals Shropshire at impressively low prices. There are a few things that set our rentals apart from our competitors, including our customised vehicles. Prom cars such as the Pink Hummer, have been built to our specifications. This means we offer our customers some of the most unique prom cars in the country.

Book our prom car rentals today and benefit from our low, affordable prices. You can book online or by calling us now.


Which prom car rental service should I book?

Cheap Limo Hire

You have a superb choice of prom car rental services in Shropshire. However, the amount of choice available can make it more difficult to know which service is right for you. Our friendly experts are on hand to talk through your rental needs.

After understanding what you want, they can recommend several of our hire services. You can also have a customised package deal put together to include your every prom car hire need. 

Should you book cheap prom cars?

 cheap prom cars

Our cheap prom cars Shropshire offer superb value for money. Our lower prices are credited to the fact we own our prom cars, instead of leasing them. As we don’t need to pay monthly hire costs, the savings we make are passed on to our customers.

You can save a lot of money with our customised package deals too. Take a look at our standard deals and if they don’t suit your needs, call us to have a package created. 

Prom Car Hire in and around The West Shropshire